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For too long, space was only within reach of major space agencies. Now it’s open for business.Go orbital with TheoremOne's space & satellite services.

How Can Space Help You Compete?

Launch Your Own Satellite Constellation

Telecommunications providers need to compete with the growing market of Satellite based ISPs, like Starlink.

We can help you develop a strategy, build the software platform, and partner with a cubesat manufacturer to build and launch the satellites constellation you need to stay ahead.

Build a Proprietary High-Resolution Image Database

Could your business benefit from a proprietary, near real-time satellite image database of of your strategic assets — facilities, infrastructure, and commodity producing acreage? Our satellite service partners provide everything from multispectral and hyperspectral imagery on a per-image basis, to fully dedicated satellite constellations for your dedicated use.  

Monitor Your Global Infrastructure

Access to your own Low-Earth and Aerial Observation Platforms will allow you to track your infrastructure, your land, your ecological impact, your site safety, and much more, in unparalleled fidelity. TheoremOne Orbital's partners provide space based and aerial assets that can serve as the core of your monitoring strategy.

Build a Secure & Defensible Enterprise Network

Operating your own space-based communications infrastructure can add additional layers of security and flexibility to your enterprise network. TheoremOne Orbital can help you build the software defined space network infrastructure that can help protect your enterprise from advanced cyber threats.

Right now, only 100 of the Global 2000 have active space programs.

The space industry can seem intimidating and hard to navigate — we are here to help make it easy  and transparent.

Whether your firm is  just getting into  space or has a ten year strategic plan, we can serve as your ally in planning, design, build, and execution. We work closely with a robust network of launch providers, prime contractors, universities, government agencies, and NGOs — all in effort to ensure that our clients have access to the most comprehensive resources and industry-leading advice.

TheoremOne Orbital's extensive services are designed to help you navigate the next frontier.


Satellite Data & Connectivity

Our strategy engagement is designed to take you from the ground up — all the way to leveraging data and connectivity supplied by the rapidly evolving private satellite ecosystem. From space-based imagery to satellite communication networks, we can help you use new data sources and infrastructure to achieve your most important business goals.

Advanced-Data Analysis

Real-time satellite imagery and remote communication networks are shifting how construction, agriculture, real estate, retail, travel, and mining industries run their daily operations, their quarterly planning, risk management, insurance negotiations, and other major drivers of their bottom line. We can help you plan to get ahead of this trend with advanced real-time data acquisition and image analysis.

Software Platform Development & Modernization

TheoremOne Orbital designs and builds  proprietary software platforms that bring together spaced-based data sources with existing enterprise data, inside an intuitive and secure user experience — so that your teams make decisions with the most-up-to-date and comprehensive view into your daily business operations.


Together with our partners, we can assist you in establishing your own IoT communications network in space. TheoremOne Orbital has a robust background in building IoT platforms and our partners have successfully  launched hundreds of low-earth and near-earth satellites.

Business Development & Program Management

For new entrants into the space vertical, our robust discovery process will provide you with a feasibility study to determine the costs and ROI of starting a new space program. We can also help manage your ongoing resource needs and provide ongoing space industry consulting.


We work with major launch providers giving you access to a wide range of launch platforms including those from Virgin Orbit, Rocket Lab, SpaceX, bluShift, and more. We can assist with satellite launches from the US, India, New Zealand, and French Guiana.

Preferred providers.

Virgin OrbitRocket LabBlueShift Aerospace
SatellogicFirefly Aerospace

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